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Note the cylinder part number stamped on the head 122042 -0.

The last digit will be a "0" or "1" or "2" and this tells you the oversize or bored size. "0" is 72mm diameter (standard) and "1" is 72.5mm and so on. These mean 1st oversize, 2nd over size etc.

To remove the head, simply undo the bolts and tap gently with a rubber or wooden mallet. You may need to break the gasket bead but take it slow and be careful.

Note that the 250 and 350 cylinders have to match the correct casing / engine blocks (marked by /68 or 250 and /72 for 350). Despite seeing engine casings listed for sale as 250 or 350, the two inner sections that the cylinder head mounts too are NOT the same. The ports and wider on the NZ350 inner casings. The outer casings are the same for both motors.

Difference between DKW NZ Cylinder and IZH/ISH

Many struggle to tell the deifference between a DKW and a IZH (post war Russian copy) but there are many differences. In this case if you look at the cylinders, the IZH (right) does not carry the DKW part number or the "Audi" rings on the other side. On the other side it has the Saturn / planet logo. The cylinder shown here is and old 1946-1949 IZH-350-49 and I'm going to fit this one whilst I repair the original because it's in better condition and is 1st oversized (72.5mm).

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paolo   21/04/2019 at 18:37:16
My nz350 1939 has a K on the side of its cilynder nr.1220631 instead the saturn or the Audi rings. What does it means? thanks.
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 - Julian   21/04/2019 at 22:20:03
I think the K is probably a makers mark for the factory. If there are no covers on the cylinder its is for the NZ350-1 and that is a DKW par number.

Jan   23/12/2016 at 07:58:11
So I can not youse 350zylinder on my 250?
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 - Julian   23/12/2016 at 09:00:16
No - the main problem is the engine casing has different size inlet grooves. Many advertise parts that say for 250 or 350 but the two inner casings, piston, cylinder, inspection covers, con rod, fly wheel mass do not match so cannot be swapped.

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