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1944 NZ350-1943A 1944 DKW NZ 350 Type 43 in England. (from a collection of WW2 motorcycles). Larger image here: DKW NZ350 1943
Read about the history of the WW2 German DKW NZ350 motorcycle and why it was so popular. If you own any German WW2 motorbike this is the one your have to own; simple to repair, strong, and amazing documentation and parts availability. Follow the strip down and rebuild of a DKW NZ350 (or NZ250) engine. This article covers the piston, small end bearing, clutch and cylinder. Fancy making your own small end bushing or wrist pin? well here is a detailed description of how it is done.
How to repair the DKW NZ Lichtmäschine or Alternator in English. A full dissection and procedure to keep your original generator working. Applies to DKW NZ and SB and NSU Luma Information about the cylinders of the DKW NZs 250, 350s and IZH 49 and 350, the differences, marking and interchangeable nature.
SS NZ350 1939A 1939 DKW NZ350 1938-1943 in England. (from a collection of WW2 motorcycles)

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