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The full article on restoring a barn find AJS model 16 MS to road worthy condition.This is not refurbishing all parts but the mechanical parts that you need. I like the patina of old bikes and keep them in first paint. How to set the ignition timing on the AJS 16M, 16MS, 18M, 18MS and Matchless G3, G3L, G3LS and most pre-1965s British four-strokes; in particular those made by AMC. How to take apart and repair a Lucas Magneto. In particular, the article relates to the AJS / Matchless Lucas K1F, K2F, KVF, N1 magneto or an MO1 or MN2 magdyno.
The infamous AMC teledraulic forks! This is the beginners guide to how to get them apart and rebuild them with the correct parts. A bit daunting at first but actually no to difficult for a reasonable mechanic.

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