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So you have your new blank CSR (Club Spec Revisited) dome and it's time to cut and paint it.

There are really two options here; grooves or no grooves. The grooves do give the dome a realistic panel look, but if you don't think you can cut them, go for the safe option and just paint the lines.

Marking and ring cutting the dome

The first step is to draw the lines onto the dome. You can download various templates but to me it seems just as easy to mark them straight on with a sharpe marker. The spacings can be got from under Blueprints then CSR files.

Here you can see my simple ring cutting jig using an old table and a dremel. It works very well. TIP - if you can't cut first time into the fibreglass, then cut with a bigger tool, then fill with car body filler and then cut again. The body filler is softer so you get a smoother second cut.

Cutting the panels

Cut the panels along the lines with a dremel and a steel ruler. The vertical lines are easy enough but the horizontal ones are a bit trickier. I used my tip above and rough cut them, filled them with car body filler and then shaped them with a coat hanger and file. I also used the dremel as a mill as shown in the video to cut the horizontals.

Aluminium painting

Once you've cut out any panels you need and scored the grooves you can the spray it. It's best to prime it white or pale grey first as this will show up any issues. Once you've primed the dome give it a quick wet sand and then coat it with a good aluminium silver paint. Spray from a distance to get an almost gritty finish. This helps reflect the light later.

You have two options here; either paint the blue and gloss or apply a more realistic aluminium look. To get the real dome look, I devised a method of spinning and scratching the silver paint and then rubbing in purples and dark grey paints. Essentially I span the dome on my dome machine and scratched it with corse sand paper. I then wiped on colours and the buffed them off. This makes the dome look as it's be spun from aluminium on a lathe. I then applied the blue and the clear glossed.

Below you can see the difference and in real life it is massively different.

The below two pictures show the finished painted and glossed dome. You can make out the multi-toned silver and subtle spun look scratches.

Up next...R2D2 dome parts

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john crowe   18/02/2018 at 20:19:25
do you sell these domes? if so whats the cost delivered in the UK to Nottingham
Reply -------------->
 - julian   19/02/2018 at 10:26:08
Hi, yes I can do, I have two more spare in the loft. I made 3 so i sell you one. Ill send you an email.

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