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R2D2 radar eye

The radar eye is one of the most distinctive parts of R2D2 so it's important to get it right.

My radar eye mould was basically fashioned by hand from XPS high density foam and the covered in car body filler.

Carving the shape

Download the plans as an isometric drawing and cut out a peice of XPS foam. This is very time consuming so allocate a couple or evenings to it (assuming you have a job).

To get the contour correct at the back, cover the dome in clingfilm (food wrap) and then put a thick layer of car body filler on the back of the radar eye and press against the cling film. One it goes hard you'll have the perfect contour.

To cut the whole through the middle, drill it with a hole saw then wrap something like a coke can in cling film and push through the hole. I then forced filler in around it and waited for it to set before removing. You will then be left with the correct, smooth hole.

Moulding, casting and painting.

Once you have your nice new radar-eye, you can use it as is or you can take a silicone RTV mould.

I decided to mould one out of resin in case I make some more droids in the future. (See other posts for how to mould in RTV). Once you have the resin part, you can prime and paint.

Radar eye lens

The cheapest and easiest way to get a clear eye lens is one from one of these £1 ($1) dummy security cameras. You can get them from Poundland in the UK or Dollar Tree etc in the US.

Buy a couple because the lens is quite brittle and cracks easily. You have been warned! Place it behind your radar eye and just draw through the hole. If you want it to look black, just paint a black patch on the dome behind the lens.

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