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Soon enough I'll embark on a self-balancing BB8 (pronounced Bee Bee Eight, but before starting it would be sensible to open debate on the exact size of BB8.

Having now seen star wars The Force Awakens film and and have an idea on measurements; in particular the BB8 ball diameter, I have so far conclued the following BB8 dimensions:

UPDATE 2017: I was extremely lucky and got invited to visit the workshop where BB8 was and is still made!

BB8 Height = 670mm (0.67m)

BB8 Main Ball Diameter = 500mm (0.5m)

BB8 Head Diameter = 300mm (0.3m)

(May be 295-300mm)

BB8 Head Height = Greater than 150mm

(due to ring and skirt)

BB8 Ball contact point = 170mm

(where head rolls on ball)

BB8 Head ring height = apx. 10mm

(silver band)

More to follow

BB8 Size Reference 1:

Warwich Davis in the image below in 1070 mm tall in bare feet, so if we chop off his heals and scale the image until he is exactly 1070 pixels then then 1 pixel is 1mm.

This first image puts BB8 as being around 310mm for the top dome and 525mm for the ball. Allowing for a +-5% marging of error, would put BB8 at 500mm diameter for the ball and 300mm diameter for the smaller dome.

BB8 Plans so far..


Impart, thanks to this website and my robot build of R2D2, I was invited to visit Pinewood Studios in 2017 where I had a good look at the official BB8 'factory'. I was pretty much as you would expect;like a large garage that would take about 8 cars, lathe, milling machines etc and five BB8s!

The BB8's were in varying states of construction which was actually better for me so I could inspect the internals. Two BB8's were crated up ready for red carpet events in December 2017, these were both remote controlled and functioning. One surprising thing was that there is no 'one person' that makes one, instead there were many people that did very specific tasks, like painting, mechanical, electronics, finbre-glassing etc. This was surprising because there of course many people out there that are able to build the the whole lot - like you and me (and some of the staff their of course) but they seemed to have departments for each bit. Because they are not made in quantity I expected there two be just a few people that made them all.

The distressed and used artwork on the creatures was simply amazing and the imagination of the robots very functional looking. Like all these things when you see the robots up close they do look more homemade than you would think but then again it makes sense. There is no need to made a close up visual masterpiece and spend thousands on it when with a few clicks you can tidy up and bits you need in post production.

Overall, amazing chance to see inside the creatures studio at star wars and brilliant work, pity I could not use a camera!

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MakerFaire   28/01/2017 at 18:00:32
Thank you I am trying to make my own life-sized BB-8 with my Raspberry Pi single-board computer and my Arduino microcontroller to make an actual BB-8
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 - julian   28/01/2017 at 18:08:42
Hello, Ive paused my build whilst i designed a very big 3d printer for about 150 quid. This will be super hand for making bb8 quickly. Ill upload the plans on here soon.

Annoymous   07/06/2016 at 06:29:35
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Benjamin Pizzolatto   19/05/2016 at 01:01:35
How tall is the head skirt?
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John   28/01/2016 at 02:35:00
I found out that the total height in of the whole droid is 670mm.
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 - Julian   28/01/2016 at 21:44:54
How did you find out? if the ball is 500mm and the head 300mm dia then if with was half a hemisphere the it would be 500 + 150. So at 670mm high it would be 500 + 170 which is how it looks to me due to his collar. I think youre right.
 - John   30/01/2016 at 21:53:45
I found out by looking at the official dimensions on Wookiepeedia.

James   17/11/2015 at 09:27:27
I think hes probably 500 as thats as near to a 50cm standard ball.
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