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Quite simply the remain campaign and the vast majority of remain voters seem have completely missed the leave point. They just quote the media as saying the working class voted us out over immigration while London and the young voted remain; as if to say somehow that to vote leave was either a working class vote, poorly educated vote and the "leavers" didn't know what they were doing.

This is of course complete rubbish; are they seriously suggesting that every county outside of the City of London is predominantly poorer or working class? The reality is that it had nothing to do with class and just under 50% of the leave voters were well educated, professional people; so what is the real difference between leave and remain and what was the driving force to vote leave?

Quite simply it's a question of priority. You ask any middle class or above leave voter before the referendum and they'd have said:

"I know I will initially be worse off, both financially and economically if we leave the EU; I know there is a real risk of recession and increased unemployment but these are token self-sacrifices for maintaining control of our nation which is rapidly being lost and Englishness rapidly diluted"

"To make this economic self-sacrifice to maintain our precious sovereignty, which over the years so many have sacrificed their entire lives for is the least we as a nation can do."

Ask yourself how many remain voters have you heard say that they want to remain for the sake of their country? Probably none as the most will want to remain for the sake of their country's economy (which is not the same thing), employment, income, their house abroad...whatever the reason it predominantly comes down to an immediate benefit for them. Of course I appreciate that a few remain voters wanted to do so for the sake of continued immigration but the majority saw a benefit for them.

"I voted leave because I had no choice with with the current and potential EU format."

The choice I had to make, was should we stay for the current economic benefits at the expense of our sovereignty,identity and future prosperity. I can tell you now that my preference along with most others I have spoken to would have been to remain, but it is not for one generation to give away what millions have spent two millennia sacrificing their lives to maintain.

How long did the remain camp think the UK and Germany could be the only two net contributors to 26 other coutries? Two countries cannot fund 26.

The answer was not long, but Germany didn't want to be left holding the £2.44bn baby, and soon neither will her population.

Nobody likes change and most leavers probably sought reasons to remain in the EU but sadly there are few, other than perhaps maintaining stability; the EU core is rotten, dictatorial, inefficient and completely unsustainable. The EU simply has gotten too big for it boots, is out of control and this was the only chance there was to stop it in its tracks. Any president that refers to a nations populous as part of a "project" should not be surprised when his project collapses around him.

If everyone in this country unites, including the infamously insular City and moves forward, we can sit back and watch the EU project implode under its own self importance with the knowledge that the "poorly educated", "working class", "illiterate" leave voter had the pride to save his nation above himself and the brilliant sense to recognise and abandon a ship that was about to sink, whilst the City bought more first class tickets.

Then; When other nations have broken free (and they will) a new EU of sovereign states can rise having learnt from the ridiculous, arrogant mistakes of EU-v1.

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Pea   27/06/2016 at 11:24:43
How right you are young sir
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