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Name: Julian Blackmore
Role: Editor
Last visit: Unknown
Vintage Motorcycles
WWII War Machines

I’m the creator of this site to share my interests and for you to share yours. I’ve been working in this since just August 2015, so please bear with me as I work on the back-end!

As you can imagine, I’m trying to work on various projects, the back-end of this website and my job which is 6 days a week. I also have three children so I’m always flat out! I do however work on this site most days for an hour or so.

If you join up, you’ll notice much functionality not working but it will be very soon. I’m not one to start something and not finish it and I code fast! So join up and I’ll email you when you can type away with your projects. I’d be interested to see what you’ve created and share ideas.

Enjoy for now!


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