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Eustachian Tube - Real World Symptoms

One or all of the below:

  • Ears crackle like a broken speaker to loud sounds
  • Ears sensitive to loud sounds in general
  • When you block your nose and blow, your ears take ages to regulate back to normal - if at all
  • Ears sensitive to altitude changes like whilst in a car up and down hills
  • Ears may feel better if you yawn or move your jaw about
  • eustachian-tube-photo.jpg
    Understanding the Eustachian 'Tube"

    First of all I discovered that the so called Eustachian Tube is not even a tube! Yes believe it or not even though the medical world calls it a Eustachian Tube it is actually a tunnel. A tube is of course a physical structure in its own right where as a tunnel is of course a hole through a physical structure. This is import because there can't be an issue with the structure of the tube if the tube doesn't exist!

    This leaves us the logical conclusion that if there is no issue with any tube then it has to be a problem with the surrounding tissue. Compare it to a tunnel bored through rock with an without support. If there was a real tube it would be like a subway and without one it would be analogous to a mine shaft. You can now see that any fault with the surround essentially causes a collapse in the tunnel if with stick with the mining analogy.

    Once I knew what the structure of the Eustachian Tube actually is, it was a question of observing what makes it better / less swollen or worse / more swollen and then applying a process of elimination and focus. When observing I allowed for a 24 hour lag, for instance if you drink wine one night it may be 24-48 hrs later that it get worse and that's why you may not have figured it out.

    Factors That Help Treat Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

    Obviously when reading an article such as this I will assume you have been to your GP or MD and he or she can't find any obvious explanation. If not you should go there first of course.

  • Colds and Flu's - obvious I know but they will cause it to get worse over time.
  • Food - Dairy products, cheeses, anything with fungus can often cause mild allergies.
  • Allergens - Pollen, Cats etc. You may have just developed an allergy, so don't assume you are not suddenly allergic to something that has not bothered you before
  • Sugar - Excess sugar over a period of time seems to increase the symptoms with a lag of a day or so.
  • Wine - Related to sugar i suspect
  • Stomach Acid - odd I know but I took some Omapezole and the ETD reduced by half or more within a week! and here I believe is the key.
  • Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and Stomach Acid (GERD)

    I've studied this now for two years or more and without a doubt there is a link to digestion / stomach acid / GERD. The chain of causation seems to be excessive eating (particularity late at night of rich foods) which causes excess acid (with or without heartburn) which somehow irritates your Eustachian Tubes. I know you will be thinking that how does acid get up your nose, but it's probably acid vapour or the acid causes irritation somehow lower down.

    Stomach acid is an odd thing because you'll assume like me that you'd have heartburn but that isn't often the case, The symptom I noticed was mild burping when you wake up in the morning and the feeling of nausea for no real reason. Work on two things:

  • 1) Reduce allergens and dairy, take antihistamine for a while
  • 2) Reduce stomach acid - see your GP or MD for Omapezole or similar
  • I hope this helps, so try it and add your comments...

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    Mark   15/11/2017 at 17:13:47
    Thanks for this tip. It actually worked for me too!! - gone completely
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