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How to fix it and test the battery

Turn off the laptop and take out the battery. The battery in a laptop is just type of battery called a Hard Case Lipo. These are the same as ones used for radio cars, boats and planes. The voltage on the case tells you how many cells there are and most laptops and notebooks show 11.1v - which if you are interested is the average voltage when the cells are around 50% charged.

Once you have the battery out, look for one of the pins on it's own and connect a volt meter between that and the other pins. Start at the opposite and end and read the voltages. If you can't get a voltage above 9v then your cells are kaput. Whilst they still work, if the voltage is much below 9v then they will have suffered damaged.

You will probably find that yours measure less than 1v. The top picture opposite shows a bad battery and note the reading on the volt meter showing just 0.06v!. The next one down shows a good battery reading 12v+.

Youtube: How to Fix Windows Battery 0% Available

Windows battery gone bad showing zero volts
My battery was good yesterday so why did this happen?

So I pondered this one because like you it probably happened over night when the battery fine the day before. What happened was you probably shut your laptop lid and you netbook could not hibernate for some reason. It could be that it popped up a modal message box asking you to do somthing system related, or anti-virus, system update in progress in the background or anything peice of junk software.

To avoid it, put your laptop into sleep yourself by pressing the power button or half moon if you have one. For years I've just slammed the lid but it caught me this time!

Windows laptop battery

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Arpit   05/03/2018 at 13:11:30
so can you tell me a proper solution for this situaton? should i buy new battery?
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 - Julian   05/03/2018 at 19:38:38
If youve checked and a cell is low then you have no choice but to buy a new one and dont bother with any software solutions that wont work.

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