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Below is the original article posted on 11th January 2011
The Rise Of The Killer Smartphones

Nokia has been sleeping for two years and missed the rise of the killer smart phones...and went from the largest mobile phone maker on the planet to the smallest in two years! As weird as it may sound and unimaginable just a few years ago that you would ever even utter these words, but....

Can you remember when Nokia ruled the world of mobile phones? Yes you used to have those strange people that used other makes like LG, Motorola etc but most people just found the menu / navigation system so un-intuitive that they just gave up and went back to a Nokia.

How then did such a dominant company that had one of their phones in almost every household on the planet, fall a sleep and miss the rise of the iphone or android smart phone? what were they thinking? Were they just complacent or just arrogant? What about the Nokia OS (operating system) blasted into oblivion by Google Android in seconds by consumers?

It's not surprising when you look back at the N97 (if you could get it to not lock-up) that this happened. To be fair to the Nokia N97 range though it did do one thing, it motivated Steve Jobs and Google to do it properly.

Either way, don't be surprised if in 2012/2013 you see Nokia become an example of what not to do and Samsung Electronics with their new Galaxy SII become the world leader.

There is a good chance you will see Nokia sold off or broken up for it's SBU's like distribution network. One such player would be someone like Microsoft who are scrabbling for phone market share to support their shockingly poor Windows Mobile Platform. If Microsoft don't sort out their mobile program, their mobile OS days will be over soon after.

What do you think?

PublicationDate: June 8th 2011
Author: Julian Blackmore

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