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Prusa I3 ConversionProject Background

LSP3 RepRap History

This project started as off-shoot from building my 1:1 scale R2-D2. There were a lot of parts that could be prototyped using a 3D reprap, however I was left frustrated by the small build volume, limitations and breakdowns. Now do not get me wrong, the Prusa I3 is a good printer and project and bar far the most customisable, but I wanted bigger and faster, more like a LulzBot TAZ 5 or 6 but without having to pay £1000 for one!

LSP3 RepRap Design

My design is such to solve a few issues and thus has these improvements:

- Print volume of 500 x 500mm (or bigger! or whatever size you like)

- Better rigidity for tall builds - adjustable frame angles

- Better print speed and lay-down - using 1mm and 0.3mm heads

- Better frame customisation ability so you can choose your own size

- Cheap and easy to build or upgrade (under £100!)

- 1, 2 or 4 extruders

- Bowden filament feed for lower print head inertia and more speed

- External Bed Heating

LSP3 / I3 Upgrade Steps

To change your Prusa I3 into an LSP3, do the following:

- 3D Print all the parts below on your current 3D Printer

- Download and install my custom version of Marlin using the Arduino Editor

- Purchase the extra parts needed, box tube, motor, bed heaters etc (all on ebay here)

Buy Nema 17 Stepper Motors Here

LSP3 / I3 Upgrade Parts Required

To change your Prusa I3 into an LSP3 or scratch build an LSP3 you will need:

- 4 x Nema 17 stepper motors (you have 3 already of course)

- 2 x extruders and heaters

- 2 x bowden feeds and tubes

- 2 meters of 19mm aluminium box tubing

- 1 meters of 12mm aluminium box tubing

- 8mm stainless steel rod

- 8mm linear bearings (cheap ones run gritty / rough!)

- M10 threaded rod and some nuts

- A thin mirror of your choice (I used 300 x 300 here)

- 1mm aluminium sheet for bed (same size as mirror) to spread heat

- Heater mat 250x 250 is fine

- Mosfet switch

- Heat proof tape

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Doug   24/06/2019 at 19:27:47
Hi... Just looking at your LSP ... Where do I find the files to print??? Thanks
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